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A unique platform that promotes your music far and wide and helps you achieve artist success

FreshPromo is a new advertising platform which helps independent musicians and labels to promote their music on the most popular media channels: YouTube and Facebook. Register via your social channels or using an email address and start a campaign in 3 easy steps to acquire new fans today!



Experience and expertise

Our expertise and experience allows us to run advertising campaigns of any complexity to maximum effect, consistently achieving great results

A unique set of advertising media

By using FreshPromo, you can start a campaign on the four largest music promotion services at the same time: Facebook and YouTube

Availability (minimal costs)

Advertising becomes available. The minimum campaign budget starts from $25



Natalia TrindaMusician

This is my first song and my first experience of Internet promotion. I didn't expect anything extraordinary. I only wanted my song and the emotions I have put into it to reach as many people as possible. I didn't know how to do it by my own. It's a good thing that I've found FreshPromo! I started 2 campaigns at once - one on Facebook, and another one on Youtube. I didn't have much money, so the budget of each of them was only $25. As the result, I've got more than 7,000 views on Youtube and hundreds of comments, both in Facebook and under the video. This thing inspired me so much that today I'm finishing my first album. I hope my fans will love it!

Gabriel КMusician

I shot a great video for my song and needed views and likes. So I've ordered a campaign here. Today, there're already more than 100,000 views, and album sales in iTunes have increased too. I also want to try Facebook.

D. AlvarezMusician

I am a DJ playing progressive electronic music. I was looking for an opportunity to effectively promote my latest compilation at the minimum cost. In the run-up to the tour around other towns, I needed to make a name for myself. I ordered a facebook campaign that didn't come cheap - beautiful banners, links to my albums in iTunes and Spotify, and the main thing was that all the campaign was focused on young people who like such kind of music. The result is amazing - gigs were great in every town. I've got three invitations from big-time promoters, and now I'm going to make a new video and promote it through this platform as well. I would recommend it for everyone.


Promote your music at the largest digital advertising platforms

We work with the largest advertising digital channels for music in the world: YouTube and Facebook. The total audience of these platforms amounts to several billion people. Unique solutions allow us to effectively set up advertising campaigns for the targeted audience you need while achieving the best results and saving your money.


How it works?

1. Sign up via social networks or e-mail

3. Choose the start date

2. Create an advertising campaign

4. Send the request